Procedure Details

A breast augmentation using Mentor Moderate Plus 450 cc Silicone implants was performed on a 35-year-old, female patient to achieve a more desirable appearance.

Prior to augmentation, the patient’s breasts were slightly droopy and lacked any upper volume or fullness. It is apparent from the preoperative photographs that the left breast was slightly larger than the right breast. Additionally, the left breast sat lower than the right. The 5’5” Caucasian female desired a natural end result with added volume and symmetry.

Moderate profile implants were chosen over high profile implants in order to achieve the desired outcome of overall added fullness. After the consultation, it was decided that the Mentor Moderate Plus Profile Smooth Round implants would be used in the 450 cc size.

Following breast augmentation, the patient’s breasts are more symmetrical and the areola’s sit even with one another and no longer gather. Overall, the patient’s breasts appear full from the front, oblique and side view. Her breasts are proportional to her body, providing her with a more desirable appearance from all angles. Prior to augmentation, the top of the patient’s breasts had a flat appearance. After augmentation, the patient’s breast have upper pole fullness and are more rounded at the bottom.

The size and shape of the implants give the patient a youthful looking appearance without overwhelming her body. The outcome appears more youthful because the skin is more taunt. There is a large amount of added projection to the breasts even though moderate profile implants were used. The stretch marks on the patient’s left breast appear to have softened and decreased after the implants were added.

Using the Mentor Moderate Plus 450 cc Profile Smooth Round Silicone implants, the patient achieved her desired outcome of a natural, full appearance. The breast augmentation gave the patient a more feminine look and it gives the illusion of a better posture.

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