Age: 49
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs

Procedure Details

Good Things Come In Small Implants, like Breast Augmentation w. small 410 Cohesive Form Stable Gel Implants

With natural products and beauty trends taking the world by storm, smaller implants are making their own niche in the market for women trying to achieve a natural look.


A lot of women opt for breast implants as a means for boosting their self-esteem – most times a lack of a defined feminine figure is the culprit; in other words, most breast implants are for bigger boobs. For the longest time, “sizing up” seemed the dominant reason for getting a breast augmentation.


The market has been shaken up in recent years, though. With natural beauty trends exploding, from bushy eyebrows to unruly natural hair – body shapes and sizes have received the same transformed perception in society; it turns out bigger, is not always better when it comes to breast size.


A wider scale of desired body shapes translates to positive effects for everyone in the chain; from surgeons, to implant creators, to women themselves. This change in perception has been largely due to women themselves; various reasons compel women to go for a small breast augmentation. Doctors have even given it a new name; “the mini boob job”. Breast Augmentation w. small 410 Cohesive Form Stable Gel Implants is ideal for those  desiring a natural, “undone” appearance while enhancing natural size.


Women have realized that a larger bust can be great in their youth, but as they get older breasts tend to sag and give a more matronly look. Small implants keep the figure trim and youthful-looking. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Taylor Swift have been rumored to adjust their chests with small breast augmentation. With celebs setting the trend of body positivity, and utilitarian reasons coming to the foreground as opposed to vanity, small breast implants have made their impact.


For women who feel immense pressure by society to look a certain way, this is a welcome change. It places a woman’s comfort, self-acceptance, and naturalness above everything else; we can take back our identity rather than being confined to sexual objects.



Breast Augmentation w. small 410 Cohesive Form Stable Gel Implants
Breast Augmentation w. small 410 Cohesive Form Stable Gel Implants Postoperative photo

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