Age: 27
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 119 lbs

Procedure Details

Implant Sizes

When patients come in for a consultation for a breast augmentation many refer to the size they want in terms of cup sizes. However, in the world of plastic surgery, this is not a clear indication of what size breast implant the patient needs. Breast implants are filled in cubic centimeters (cc) and surgeons speak in terms of ccs, not cup sizes. Breast implants look different on every patient; two patients may have the same size implants but could look drastically different.

How is implant size determined?

It is not abnormal for a patient to change their mind during their consultation. There are so many breast implant options available that patients are not aware of prior to their consultation. During the initial consultation, patients will try on breast implant sizers. The sizers give the patient and the surgeon an idea of what size the patient will receive during surgery. However, it is possible that the implant size will be changed during surgery.

The implant size may be changed during surgery if the surgeon notices that, once implanted, the implant does not give the patient their desired result. A way to determine proper implant size during surgery is to use sizers prior to putting the breast implant in. The sizers are merely deflated bags that have an air pump. The sizers are placed where the breast implants will go and are filled with air. Typically, the sizers will be filled to the initial size determined during the preoperative consultations. However, if the original size does not give the patient their desired appearance then the sizers will be filled until an appropriate size is determined. The sizers allow the surgeon to see how the implants will be displaced when put underneath the chest muscle. If this step is not taken then the patient could receive breast implants that do not fit their body.


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