Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery – Tampa

As a foremost Tampa, FL plastic surgeon, Dr. Gerzenshtein is dedicated to the pursuit of surgical excellence and complete patient satisfaction. He strives to deliver the best possible surgical results for each patient seeking facial rejuvenation in Tampa through a combination of advanced surgical skill, refined aesthetic judgment and compassionate care. Whether a patient desires a subtle appearance change or a pronounced aesthetic transformation, Dr. Gerzenshtein has the skill and dedication to help.

Dr. Gerzenshtein’s reputation for excellence attracts numerous Tampa, FL facial rejuvenation patients every year. In order to provide the finest possible aesthetic results for all patients, Dr. Gerzenshtein conducts thorough consultations, during which time he learns about patients’ aesthetic needs and goals. He uses this information to recommend the most suitable facial rejuvenation procedures. Please peruse the list of procedures below to learn more about facial treatments offered by the renowned Tampa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gerzenshtein:

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