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As one of the leading plastic surgeons Tampa patients come to for advanced cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Gerzenshtein is proud to offer an extensive range of treatments for the face, body and breast. Among breast procedures, breast reduction is a surgical treatment that ranks very high in terms of patient satisfaction as it not only enhances patients’ appearance but also improves their posture and health. Over the years, Dr. Gerzenshtein has treated numerous Tampa breast reduction patients. Recognizing that patient education is a crucial part of a successful treatment, in the paragraphs below Dr. Gerzenshtein thoroughly explains breast reduction in Tampa and the remarkable results this procedure helps achieve.


1.) What is a breast reduction?

A breast reduction, also know as reduction mammaplasty is a procedure that removes excessive breast tissue. It has many different approaches in terms of the skin envelope work, and internal breast tissue rearrangement. It may be done for functional reasons, as when breast size interferes with daily living or exercise activity. Breast reduction is very commonly done for posture changes, chronic breast, neck, and shoulder pain. Finally, it may be done for purely cosmetic reasons. Wise pattern, Passot pattern, and Vertical reduction techniques are tailored to specific patient needs and preferences to include scar orientation, the degree of lift, and the degree of tissue removal. Generally, longer nipple areola elevation dictates the need to include a horizontal incision. The same can be said of larger tissue resection or excision, although many surgeons advocate the use of vertical incisions in both high weight breast removal and long NAC-translocation. This typically involves multiple little tweaks after the incisions have completely healed. Less frequently, breast parenchyma can be excised through a periareolar incision, leaving only a scar around the areola. This is typically combined with some degree of suction assisted lipectomy and is more in line with older and/or less dense breasts. The incisions can be quite lengthy but the recovery is very well tolerated. Using highly dilute local anesthetic, otherwise known as tumescent improves postoperative pain control, likely through pre-emptive anesthesia. Activities of daily living and self-care are usually resumed by the end of the first postoperative week. More strenuous activity, intense exercise, lifting anything over twenty pounds is not resumed until after four weeks from the time of the operation. As with most surgical procedures, complications are far more common in cases of morbid obesity, the presence of diabetes, vascular disease, and smoking. Breast reduction patients tend to be some of the most happiest and appreciative patients in plastic surgery. This is likely because their physical well being is just as improved by the procedure as their appearance.

Serving plastic surgery patients from Tampa

In addition to helping breast reduction Tampa patients enhance their appearance and health, Dr. Gerzenshtein specializes in breast lift and breast augmentation procedures. His superb surgical skill and impeccable patient care have allowed him to earn a reputation as a leading breast implants Tampa specialist. Dr. Gerzenshtein also offers revision breast augmentation for patients who have undergone unsatisfactory breast implants surgery elsewhere.

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