Age: 25
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs

Procedure Details

Breast augmentation using Allergan Inspira Smooth Round Silicone 400 cc implants performed on 25 year-old, female patient.

Many women opt to undergo a breast augmentation in order to enhance their appearance. The size and shape of the implant used varies by patient. The 5’4, 130 pound patient’s Silicone 400 cc Allergan Inspira ¬†implants gave her a natural result that fits well with her body.

Breast augmentation enhances the natural shape of the patient’s breasts.

The patient’s right breast fell lower than the left breast prior to breast augmentation. After undergoing the procedure, the patient’s breasts are more symmetrical. It is evident in the front view photograph that the patient’s breasts were wider apart prior to breast augmentation than they were following the procedure. Due to the breasts being closer together after augmentation, the patient has more prominent cleavage than she previously did.

It is evident in the front and oblique view photographs that the patient’s breasts had some sagging and lacked upper pole fullness. After undergoing a breast augmentation, the patient’s breast have added volume on the top and bottom. The top of the patient’s breasts are full and aligned with the lower half. The overall increased fullness gives the patient an all-around more desirable physique. The patient seems to have improved posture after undergoing the breast augmentation than she did prior to the procedure.

The patient’s areoles sat low prior to the breast augmentation. The oblique photograph shows the lack of ‘perkiness’ in the patient’s breast prior to the procedure. The breast augmentation lifted the appearance of the breasts and they are now ‘perkier’.

Silicone 400 cc Allergan Inspira

The patient had a 1 week recovery time, which is typical for a breast augmentation procedure. The average cost of the Smooth Round 400 cc Allergan Inspira Silicone implants is $5500, which is what the patient paid.



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