Age: 54
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lbs

Procedure Details

Cohesive, form stable silicone gel implants are gaining in popularity.

Dolly Parton, Heidi Montag, and Pamela Anderson; what do they all have in common, aside from their obvious lack of talent? Breast augmentations! Or in more colloquial terms – the boob job. Hollywood is the land of women filled to the brim with plastic, and this obsession with plastic has spread all over the world. With so many women going under the knife to insert synthetic materials in their body, there has been a call for safer and more effective forms of implants to satisfy customers.


Most women get cosmetic procedures done to gain confidence in their bodies, perhaps after mastectomy or breastfeeding – breast tissue shrinks, making once full and pert chests look rather deflated. The solution was simple; implants made of saline were the first to take over the breast enhancement market. They were easy, cheap, and mimicked breast tissue for the most part.


However, longevity studies showed saline implants were highly prone to leakage and wrinkling of tissue around the breast. Back at the drawing board, scientists found a new breakthrough with silicone gel implants. The viscous, honey-like texture mimicked natural breasts and had a much longer lifespan. Yet still, there were some problems of leakage and shape-loss.


With a preferred form of chemical in hand though, the next quest was for more natural-looking breasts. This is where cohesive gel form stable implants entered the picture. Cohesive, form stable silicone gel implants, also called gummy-bear implants, are gaining popularity despite their high cost due to their exceptionally natural feel (the silicone gel is not viscous, but rather stable and jelly-like) but also in its ability to mimic the anatomical tear-drop shape of a real breast.


With form-stable implants, Sientra textured silicone implants stand out as the most experienced, their years of safe use in South America and Europe makes them an excellent choice. There are 2 other options available for people; Allergan 410 and Mentor CPG. Allergan and Mentor have experience in silicone implants, but this is their first venture into highly-cohesive/form-stable implants.


With the FDA recently giving their approval these are new to the market, 8-year studies have shown they are safe but more time will be needed to confirm their status as completely safe.

Cohesive form stable silicone gel implants
Postoperative Photo of biplanar Allergan 410 form stable implants

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