Age: 28
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs
Case: Liposuction of Waist


Procedure Details

It is difficult to use a cannula – the liposuction pipe utilized to get rid of fat – forward and backward through fat, surgeons may get tired and as a result not efficiently able to eliminate all fat that is undesired. PAL(power assisted liposuction) is easier for the surgeon to handle, allowing to get more accurate and thorough elimination that of fat. The unit creates quick, tiny vibrations for use in the separation fat such that it can simply be suctioned away through the cannula.

Power assisted liposuction is carried out via a cannula that is unique. It uses small, quick vibrations to achieve separation of fat cells in order to easily remove them from the human body. Doctors can eliminate more body fat in a shorter time frame, leading to outcomes which are improved, a safer procedure, and quicker recovery. PAL is completed utilizing tumescent solution, by which an anesthetic fluid is inserted in to the therapy area for smooth fat transfer through the cannula and out from the area of concern.

Vibrating Cannula
The pipe utilized to draw out fat through the human anatomy, vibrates quickly in PAL (power assisted liposuction). This vibration really makes liposuction gentler with regard to the body’s fat cells since it loosens them and permits easy egress. This cannula allows for smaller incisions and improved recovery time in contrast to other liposuction strategies. The vibrating tip lets surgeons be more precise in their actions and avoid damage to adjacent tissue and muscle.

PAL Advantages
Medical practioners need not make use of as much force as in standard liposuction as the vibrating cannula helps remove fat cells. In a scholarly research led by the Department of Dermatology at Tulane University Health Sciences Center, scientists discovered that 1/3 more bodyfat ended up being eliminated with PAL than with hand held liposuction, while bruising less and with a shorter recovery time. This makes PAL helpful for dealing with areas which can be notoriously tough to sculpt, such as the inner thighs, fibrous back, male gynecomastia. Since the power assisted liposuction procedure takes less time and energy to perform than traditional liposuction, patients are less prone to problems and complications.

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