Age: 32
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'10
Weight: 186
Case: Liposuction of Love Handles


Procedure Details

SmartLipo can treat fat that is unwanted in many different body areas, one of the most popular areas being the love handles, or male flanks. Love handles are one of the toughest areas to handle, creating the look that is a “muffin top”. Love handles are difficult to get rid of on your own through diet and exercise.

The flanks, or love handles, identifies the particular area between your ribs and hips. There are many different factors that cause this area to store fat. Hormonal changes are a large factor, often triggered by stress or sugars in the blood. More common reasons are genetics, aging, and pregnancy.

For other people, love handles appear because more calories are consumed than burned, therefore fat stores in the midsection. Alcohol is another large factor that can lead to this. For males, additional reasons also can include low testosterone, insulin opposition (pre-diabetes) and residing a lifestyle that is sedentary.

About The Procedure
For men, this part of the human anatomy stores excess fat commonly. However, it is a spot that is great for the use of a SmartLipo procedure due to its ideal skin elasticity, enabling your skin to tighten up to your newly contoured figure. The toning of love handles will expose muscle tissue definition and a slimmer waist.

Many clients frequently need only 1 SmartLipo therapy. The session size approximately takes 1 hour per area you might be dealing with. You shall be awake during the process since local anesthesia is used for the task. The instrument is really so small if you will simply feel force that is light, if you feel anything at all.

Adore Handle Liposuction Recovery / Downtime
Following the liposuction session, wearing an abdominal binder or compression garment for 2 weeks will offer support and minimize inflammation. After 2 weeks, Spanx or a specialty secondary garment will be worn for 4 weeks. Following the surgery, sleep and leisure is preferred for the first 48 hours and gradually, normal activities is resumed. Low effect exercise can be started after 48 hours, as tolerated. High effect exercise (leaping or running) must certainly be prevented for approximately 2 weeks.

Recovery and downtime differ between patients, however most are able to come back to work within 48 hours of this procedure. The downtime for SmartLipo is extraordinarily quick. The soreness connected with SmartLipo is equivalent to the soreness experienced after a strong workout; it won’t hold you back from continuing normal tasks.

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